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What is Service-Learning? 

Service-Learning engages students in weekly service with a designated service placement. Through this sustained partnership, students build relationships with whom they serve.  Service-Learning also allows students the opportunity to engage in formal and informal reflections on their service, which allow students to connect their service with their learning. Service-Learning is a connector program for various Shriver Center and UMBC initiatives.

UMBC Service-Learners at BARCS, Spring 2014

UMBC Service-Learners at BARCS, Spring 2014

Student Information: 

If you are interested in participating in Service-Learning, please visit the 096 Service-Learning Practicum page.

Faculty Information: 

If you are interested in incorporating Service-Learning into a current or future academic course, please set up a meeting with a Shriver or Service-Learning Staff.

Community Partner Information:

If you are interested in having UMBC students volunteer with your organization, please look over our Community Partner Packet.  Contact Service-Learning Staff to discuss existing and future partnerships.


Service-Learning Staff:

Lori Hardesty

Assistant Director, Service-Learning, K-16 Partnerships

Eloise Grose

Program Coordinator, Service-Learning, Community Partnerships

Shirley Carrington

Program Coordinator, Service-Learning