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The Shriver Center addresses critical social challenges by bridging campus and community through engaged scholarship and applied learning. Through the work of The Shriver Center, UMBC has become a national leader in applied learning, community engagement, and community-based service delivery.


Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation

In 2017, the Shriver Center received funding from American Association of Colleges and Universities to create a Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Campus Center. Under the leadership of the Shriver Center’s Choice Program, the Shriver Center is working to become an anti-racist organization. An essential component of this work has been the development of a race equity statement. This statement was created through a deliberative, inclusive process of listening and dialogue. The result of this process, as you can see below, is  our aspirational principles and ideals as an organization and the people who comprise our community.

The Shriver Center is committed to dismantling white supremacy by implementing anti-racist* practices in our programs, initiatives, and organizational processes. Specifically, through our social justice-oriented approach we are disrupting the historical and present repercussions of racism by:

1) Working against the impact of systemic inequities and individual prejudices and towards educating ourselves and community stakeholders on combating racial oppression;

2) Utilizing a meaningful community-engagement framework that is inclusive, person-centered, restorative, and culturally responsible;

3) Focusing on the human affective and relational work of race equity by creating positive spaces for dialogue, relationship-building, mutual respect, trust, and shared accountability.

*We believe that anti-racism is an on-going process of reflection, critical examination, and healing that will continue to shape and reshape our culture, policies, procedures, services, and beyond.