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Books, Articles and Presentations

Zareen Taj, Account Associate at The Shriver Center published an article in Ms. Magazine entitled “The Cost of a Peace Deal With the Taliban: Ignoring Concerns of Minority Women” in August 2020.

Lori Hardesty, Associate Director of Applied Learning & Community Engagement, is a regular contributor to the American Society for Public Administration’s PA Times including a 2020 article entitled, “Vulnerability and Courage in Leadership.”

Choice Program Director, Eric Ford, and Associate Director of Programs, Frank Anderson contributed a chapter entitled The Shriver Center: A Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Model for Service Learning and Community Engagement to the newly released book “We Hold These Truths: Dismantling Racial Hierarchies, Building Equitable Communities.” 2020 AAC&U.

Eric Ford co-authored with Tia Brown McNair and J. Goosby Smith, “Building the Racial Equity Ecosystem for Sustainable Change,” in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, pgs. 63-67, June 2020.

Eric Ford and Hannah Schmitz, “Enhancing Student Development through UMBC’s TRTH Campus Center,” presented as part of the “How Student Development is Enhanced through Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation: Perspectives from TRHT Campus Centers panel at the annual AAC&U conference, January 2020.

Hannah Schmitz and Michele Wolff, “Promoting & Assessing Affective Learning,” UMBC’s Faculty Development Center workshop, November 2019.

Charlotte Keniston, Hannah Schmitz, Michael Auerbach, Michele Wolff, and Priya Ulla, “Exploring the Efficacy of Virtual Reality as a Preparation Tool for SLCE that Literally & Metaphorically Cross. Borders,” presented at annual conferecce of the International Association for Research on Service-Learning & Community Engagement, October 2019.

Michele Wolff, “Assessing & Integrating Curricular & Co-Curricular Student Learning,” panel presentation, UMBC Provost’s Teaching & Learning Symposium, September 2019.

Hannah Schmitz, “High Impact Practices,” panel presentation, UMBC Provost’s Teaching & Learning Symposium, September 2019.

Eloise Grose, Lori Hardesty, Princess Njemanze, and Morgan Zepp, “Student Leadership as a Sustainable Community Engagement Practice,” presented at the annual Corporation for National & Community Service Research Summit, September 2019.

Ciara Christian and Hannah Schmitz, “360° Impact: Deepening indirect civic engagement through campus-community partnerships and innovative 360° video technology,” presented at the annual Corporation for National & Community Service Research Summit, September 2019.

Michele Wolff, as a member of a 10-member campus-wide team, presented “Change the Meanings, Change the Culture” at the 2019 Civic Learning & Democratic Engagement conference in Ft. Lauderdale, FL., June 2019.

Eric Ford, Frank Anderson, Ciara Christian, and Sherella Cupid presented at the 2019 AAC&U Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Summer Conference in Villanova on “Rethinking Service Learning and Community Engagement Centers as TRHT Campus Centers”.

Dr. Joby Taylor and Frank Anderson presented  “Enacting and narrating a new youth-powered story in Baltimore and beyond” at the 2019 Imagining America Conference in Chicago alongside students, faculty and staff.

Kasey Venn collaborated with Dr. Jolene Sy and a graduate student from Sy’s lab to submit an article for publication about effective methods of providing group instruction and error correction methods when working with adults diagnosed with intellectual disabilities on creating cover letters and other employment documents, and recognized that increased skill acquisition leads to a higher probability of employment in the future for participants.

Imaging America: Frank Anderson collaborated with faculty and other students in the LLC program for an article that was published in Public, A Journal for Imagining America. The article is called The Art of Transformation, Cultural Organizing by Reinventing Media.

Michele Wolff, Hannah Schmitz, and Shriver Peaceworker Fellow Ciara Christian hosted a poster presentation with Dr. Simon Stacey (HONS) and Dr. Stephen Freeland (INDS) in FA17 at UMBC Provost’s Teaching & Learning Symposium annual forum for recipients of a Hrabowski Innovation Fund grant. The presentation highlighted the work, to date, of the Applied Learning Experience work group, with a specific focus on the group’s research project on affective competency development.

Dr. Joby Taylor delivered a Keynote Address “Border Lessons: Reflections on Crossing Culture and Working with Communities” at the national gathering of Engineers Without Borders in Milwaukee in October 2017.

Zeevelle Nottingham-Lemon and Brittany Coverdale presented at the annual National Juvenile Justice Network Member Forum in July 2017. The talk: “Moving your Organization to be Anti-Racist” discussed Choice’s progress in this endeavor and introduced the auditing tool from the Western States Center Dismantling Racism Project. This in-person presentation/workshop was followed by a webinar on the same topic in October 2017.

Michele Wolff and Hannah Schmitz presented in FA16 at the 2016 International Association for Research on Service-Learning & Community Engagement (IARSLCE) 16th annual research conference. The presentation highlighted the work of the Applied Learning Experience work group’s research on the relationship between applied learning and students’ affective skills development. A scholarly paper on our research was included in the conference proceedings.

Hannah Schmitz, Michele Wolff, and Shriver Peaceworker Fellow Ciara Christian presented at the 2016 Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) Research Summit in Washington D.C. The presentation entitled “Using Creative Surveys to Measure the Impact of Civic & Community Engagement on Students’ Affective Development” focused on the findings from the FA16 INDS 430 course, part of the Applied Learning Experience/Affective Development project.

Hannah Schmitz, Michele Wolff, and Shriver Peaceworker Fellow Ciara Christian presented with Dr. Simon Stacey (HONS) and Dr. Stephen Freeland (INDS) at the SU17 Lilly Evidence-Based Teaching & Learning Conference in Bethesda, MD.  The presentation “Creatively Measuring Applied Learning’s Impact on Students’ Affective Development” focused on the creation and implementation of affective student learning outcomes.

Hannah Schmitz, Michele Wolff, and Shriver Peaceworker Fellow Ciara Christian presented with Dr. Simon Stacey (HONS) and Dr. Stephen Freeland (INDS) in FA16 at the UMBC Provost’s Teaching & Learning Symposium annual forum for recipients of a Hrabowski Innovation Fund grant. The presentation highlighted the work of the Applied Learning Experience work group.

In FA16, The Choice Program joined a delegation of UMBC scholars to attend and present at the 16th annual Imagining America National Conference. During the conference, Choice staff shared digital stories that Choice youth had created as representations of the social justice issues the youth found most relevant in their communities. The stories sought to “speak truth to power,” and were shared with conference attendees, as well as with students from Milwaukee Public Schools, who were able to discuss and relate to the films. Insights from Milwaukee students were then recorded and brought back to Baltimore, where Choice youth could hear how their work was received by youth from another city.

As Chair of the Board of National Peace Corps Association, Dr. Joby Taylor led the planning and convening of the association’s annual conference in Washington D.C. for over 500 participants.

Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Conference of the American Democracy Project: Dr. Joby Taylor led a half-day community-based session in Baltimore City as part of the conference in SU17.

Lori Hardesty served as the Keynote Speaker for the Greater Baltimore Urban League Saturday Leadership Program’s visit to UMBC in December 2016. The theme was “Importance of Self Care as a Leader: Emotional Well being”.

Lori Hardesty and Christie Smith served on the planning committee for the MD/DC Campus Compact Annual Service-Learning & Civic Engagement (SLCE) conference in SP17, “Be the Spark for Action,” held at Towson University. The Choice Program’s Jacquelyn Thomas presented: “Serve, Serve, Serve: A Journey Towards a Lifetime of Service.”

The Choice Program hosted a 90-minute performance and presentation for the 15th annual Imagining America National Conference in spring 2016, which seeks to “advance a vision of the world in which publicly engaged artists, designers, scholars, students, and culture workers play critical roles in enacting the promises and ideals of a democratic society.” During the conference, Choice youth shared how they use different artistic mediums to meaningfully address pressing social issues. The youth hosted a gallery space, which included a living memorial dedicated to friends and family lost to gun violence, as well as various art pieces expressing their engagement with Black Lives Matter, their schools, and their communities. Choice youth presented sound collage recordings that highlighted their communities in unique ways by combining sound and interviews, and performed original pieces of individual and group dance, rap, and song. The performance was followed by a critical discussion with the audience on the issues that the youth addressed and the mediums they utilized in their presentation.

The Choice Program presented at the 10th annual Arts Integration Conference hosted by the UMBC Department of Education, spring 2016. Choice Program staff member, Frank Anderson, and Choice Program participant Jamal Karim, were invited to give the keynote address to an audience of 300 teachers, administrators, and aspiring educators from across Maryland.

Dr. Joby Taylor led a half-day community-based session in Baltimore as part of the Imaging America Conference, co-sponsored by UMBC in FA15.

AmeriCorps VISTA Summit: Christina Smith (MDCCC AmeriCorps VISTA Member) co-presented a workshop entitled “Becoming Welcomers: Fostering Inclusive Communities for Newcomers: Refugees, Immigrants, and Asylees” at the 2016 AmeriCorps VISTA Summit: Stronger, Safer, Healthier Communities in Baltimore.

LaMar Davis (The Choice Program at UMBC) and two former Choice Program Participants, Imhotep Simba and Abdul Brannum, participated in a panel discussion “Supporting Academic Success of Youth in Juvenile Justice Settings” hosted by UMBC and the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans.

Peaceworkers organized the 4th Annual Peace Corps Research Conference held on the California campus of UC Berkeley in June 2015.  Six UMBC graduate students presented original research as well as coordinating two days of research sessions.  This interdisciplinary conference was integrated within the Peace Corps Connect Conference, which drew over 500 participants. Several news and media stories outlined in the Peaceworker Program section in more detail.

Michele Wolff and Bryan Barry (a SUCCESS participant) presented “SUCCESS at UMBC” at the 2015 Transitioning Youth Conference (a state-wide, government sponsored event for people with disabilities).

Amy Poole (SUCCESS) presented on SUCCESS and shared materials at a meeting in Montgomery County and at the College Disability Summit. She presented “UMBC SUCCESS: An innovative initiative expanding the university’s diversity definition through service and social change” at the annual Service-Learning & Civic Engagement Conference.

Dr. Thomas Penniston, The Impacts of Service-Learning Participation upon Post-Secondary Students’ Academic and Social Development, Dissertation, April 2014.

LaMar Davis and Eric Ford, “College Connections for Student Success: A Focus on Foster Care, Homeless, and Other Disconnected Youth” presented at a conference in Atlanta to provide an overview of key strategies utilized by Choice in its efforts to offer a community based alternative aimed at keeping youth in their community, their school, on the job and, whenever possible, in their family, in FY14.

Dr. Joby Taylor as a member of the BreakingGround Working Group, presented with other UMBC colleagues on the culture of engagement that is being developed at UMBC at the American Democracy Project Conference, June 2014.

Peaceworkers organized the 3rd Annual Peace Corps Graduate Research Conference held in Nashville, Tennessee. Four UMBC graduate students presented original research. This interdisciplinary conference was integrated within the larger Annual Peace Corps Gathering, June 2014.

Lori Hardesty and Eloise Grose, “Connecting the Dots: In Work and Life” presented at the 4th Annual Maryland-D.C. Campus Compact Practitioners’ Retreat, June 2014.

Michele Wolff and LaToya White (Health Leads), “Outputs to Outcomes: A Preliminary Assessment of Community Impact Through Community Voice” presented at the 12th annual International Association for Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement, September 2012.

Dr. Joby Taylor, “From Baltimore to Brazil: Engaging Teens in Civic Engagement & Community through English Language Learning Online” with Heidi Faust, Ph.D. student at UMBC, Dr. Joan Shin, Director of the TESOL Profession Training Programs at UMBC, Thomas Penniston, Ph.D. Candidate at UMBC, and Jared Kebbell, Shriver Peaceworker Fellow presented at UMBC at the sixth annual Service-Learning & Civic Engagement Conference, April 2013.

Dr. Joby Taylor, “Exploring Baltimore: An Outing for Understanding Our Social and Historical Context,” presented at the 5th Annual Service-Learning and Civic Engagement (SLCE) Conference hosted by Coppin State University. These sessions, entitled, included bus tours of West Baltimore, April 2012.

Richard Blissett, (UMBC alumnus, Baltimore CARES Coordinator and AmeriCorps VISTA member), “Something From Nothing: Schools Can Fight Urban Blight,” presented at the SLCE Conference, April 2012.

Salar Khaleghzadegan, Greeshma Sasi, Karen M. Silver (UMBC alumni), “A Major Transformation: Developing Student Volunteers into Future Leaders for Baltimore City,” presented at the SLCE Conference, April 2012.

The Peaceworker Program was prominently featured at the 1st Annual Peace Corps Gathering hosted by the National Peace Corps Association in Minneapolis (June 2012) as Peaceworker Fellow Tara Gill and Dr. Taylor organized a Graduate Research Conference entitled, “Bringing the World Home to Grad School: Engaged Scholarship post-Peace Corps” to accompany the weekend conference.

Dr. Joby Taylor, with campus collaborators Dr. Beverly Bickel (LLC Program) and Dr. Joan Shin (EDUC), article accepted for a special edition of TESOL Journal focused on service-learning and civic literacy. The article describes and evaluates their innovative online course “Community Leadership Challenge” created and implemented for students in Brazil with support from the U.S. Department of State.

The Shriver Center was featured in The National Journal Publication, Diversity/Careers in Engineering & Information Technology in the article “Co-ops and Internships Help IT Grads Land Jobs.” A link to the article can be found at:

UMBC’s homepage posted an article entitled Energizing Maryland’s Workforce highlighting 12 student intern, co-op, and research profiles.

Lori Hardesty and Clare Greene, “How NOT to Sweat the Small Stuff: Seeking Solutions to Logistical Challenges,” presented at second annual Maryland-D.C. Campus Compact Practitioners’ Retreat, June 2012.

Joby Taylor, Ph.D. Metaphors We Serve By, Verlag Press, Summer 2008.

Thomas Penniston and Michele Wolff, “Service-Learning as a Catalyst for Attitudinal and Behavioral Changes Leading to Student Success: An Exploratory Study,” 2nd International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics, July 2009.

Michele Wolff and Lori Hardesty, “Community-Campus Collaboration: The Shriver Center as a Model for Student, Faculty and Staff Engagement,” Diversity and Civic Engagement, American Democracy Project Annual Meeting, June 2009.

Michele Wolff and Lori Hardesty, “Engaging STEM University Students in the Classroom: A Resource for Teacher Development,” 8th Annual Science in Savannah Conference, February 2008.

Michele Wolff and Shannon Tinney, “Service-Learning & College Student Success,” Academic Exchange Quarterly, Spring 2006.

Michele Wolff and Shannon Tinney, “Applied Learning as a Best Practice Model: A Strategy for Higher Education Student Success,” Association for Institutional Research, National Forum presentation, May 2006.

Michele Wolff, Mary Hyde, Ph.D., Mark Terranova, Weidong Zhu, Ph.D. and Charles Eggleton, Ph.D., “Working toward Educational Reform: The UMBC Mechanical Engineering-Shriver Center Partnership,” American Society of Engineering Education Mid-Atlantic Conference, Co-Author, Washington DC, October 2004