2024-2025 Shriver LLC Student Leadership

Hi everyone! My name is Vunnathi Ankem, and I’m from Germantown in Montgomery County, MD. I am a junior majoring in Psychology as a Bachelor of Science. It’s an honor to serve y’all as the Shriver Living Learning Community’s Residential Assistant (RA) this year after being a resident and a Peer Mentor on the floor the last few years. I’m excited to create a community with you all through the next academic year!

In my freshman year on the floor, I spent my Saturdays at an organization called UMB CURE through the Shriver Center where I worked with scholars from the Baltimore City School system in pursuit of understanding STEM and careers related to STEM. This last year, I worked as a site coordinator on the Student Ambassadors site where we toured Commodore John Rodgers Elementary School students around UMBC’s campus and engaged them to celebrate their desire to go to college.

On the floor, I enjoy connecting with everyone through planning events like Cultural Nights and Movie Nights.  Off the floor, I’m the External Vice President of the Honors College Council, and the Upperclassman Chair of Sondheim Scholars Steering Committee. In the academic world, I research intimate partner violence and gender based harms in the South Asian community especially in the US diaspora. Generally, I focus on psychology’s intersection with law and community. And, when I’m not doing anything, I usually can be found reading, watching movies, making Maggi noodles, dancing, or enjoying nature with friends and family.

I can’t wait to meet you all and get to know you. I know together we can all build a floor with great camaraderie. I look forward to working with you all as we become the 2024-25 Shriver Floor cohort. Please feel free to reach out anytime!

Hello everyone! My name is Marwa Aligabi, and I am from Prince George’s County, Maryland. This year, I am a rising sophomore majoring in Public Health and on the pre-med track. I had a great time being a Shriver mentee and can’t wait to return as a peer mentor!

At the Shriver Center, I had the opportunity to serve at BARCS, a non-profit organization that offers refuge to every abandoned, neglected, abused, lost, or surrendered animal that comes through our door. During my Spring Semester, I served at STEMcx, tutoring K-12 students in math and science. STEMcx is crucial in empowering underrepresented minority students to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics by providing them with academic support from professionals of color. As a first-generation college student, I understand the significance of mentorship and support in navigating higher education. It’s truly rewarding to be able to give back to my community in this way!

Beyond academics, I also serve as the Treasurer for the Erickson Hall Community Council, collaborating with fellow residents to organize social events. Outside my commitments, I enjoy spending time with friends, reading, and figure skating.

Hi everyone! My name is Hala and I am so excited to be your peer mentor this year! I am a rising sophomore in the Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program and a member of the Honors College. I am majoring in Political Science and Global Studies with a minor in World Politics. As a member of the Shriver floor I had the opportunity to serve at Paul’s Place which is a nonprofit organization distributing essential social services to the Pigtown Baltimore Community. During my second semester I served at Sister’s Academy which is an all girls opportunity private school, specifically supporting their Creative Coders Program.

On campus I am a part of the Honors College Council as the Freshman Representative, where I help plan fun events for Honors College students. I was also a delegate for the Model United Nations team for the National Model UN Conference in New York! In my free time I like to run, go to the gym, read, and make art. I love getting to know people and talking about all things politics and current events!

I am so excited to serve you on the Shriver Floor this year! I am confident that you will find the Shriver Living Learning Community to be one that will provide you with a supportive community along with an incredible first year experience.

Hello everyone, my name is Scott Hansen and I am from Anne Arundel County, MD. I am a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science with a track in Cybersecurity. I’m excited about this upcoming year and am looking forward to meeting all of you!
This past year I had the opportunity to serve through the Shriver Center. During the fall semester, I volunteered at Soccer Without Borders where I helped mentor and tutor middle school-aged students while also giving them the fun experience of playing soccer after school. During the spring, I switched to serving at BARCS (The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter) where I walked and cared for dogs every week. The work that the Shriver Center and all of its volunteers do is very impactful and I’m so happy I can be part of such a community. While on campus I like to be very involved. This past year I served as the Social Media Manager for the Erickson Community and on the Student Event Board Committee. I am also involved in various clubs, such as the Video Game Development Club and The Software Development and Administration (SAD) Club.
During my free time, I love to play guitar, go outside on walks to enjoy nature, play video games, and sleep. I’m also passionate about my favorite interests, from space to technology to nuclear energy and quantum physics. If you’re ever bored and want random knowledge feel free to talk to me!
I’m super excited to serve you as a Peer Mentor on the Shriver Living Learning Community this year and hope to help create an environment that you can call home! If you ever need anything or need guidance, don’t hesitate to reach out–I’m always happy to help establish a supportive community!

Hello everyone! I’m Praise Korie (she/her) I’m so excited to meet y’all this year. I’m a sophomore pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a Law and Justice minor in the Pre-Law. I aspire to attend law school and become an attorney to give back to my community. I was born in Nigeria but was raised in Baltimore County Maryland. I love going for walks/hikes, biking, shopping, and completing coloring books.My journey at UMBC has been marked by crazy and memorable experiences like my participation in UMBC’s Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program in Morocco and Spain this summer, where I explored the complexity of intercultural communication in Morocco and Spain and emersed myself in the cultures of foreign countries.

I had such a transformative and enriching first year at UMBC. As a Peer Mentor in the Shriver Living Learning Community, I serve as your Teaching assistant for the University Seminar course (UNIV101) and a Site Coordinator for Best Buddies. I’ve always believed in the power of service, which is why I’ve dedicated myself to various community initiatives. Outside the classroom, I’ve participated in immersive leadership programs such as The Washington Center Capitol Hill Immersion Program, where I explored diverse career paths and developed essential professional skills. Additionally, as a participant in UMBC’s STRiVE Leadership for Public Purpose Program, I focused on community, civic, and political engagement, aligning with my passion for making a positive impact in society.

My dedication to leadership and service extends to extracurricular activities, including serving as a First Year Ambassador in the Student Government Association and holding the position of Vice-President of UMBC’s Pre-Law Society. Currently, I contribute as a Writer for the UMBC Law Review, collaborating with a team to publish monthly articles on pertinent legal issues. Outside of academia, I’ve been involved with my church; Mountain of Fire Miracles Ministries where I serve as a Youth Leader and Children’s Teacher/Coordinator and contribute to various initiatives aimed at poverty alleviation and promoting harmony. Additionally, my collaboration with Kiwanis in Reisterstown, MD, has been incredibly rewarding. From planning fundraisers to volunteering at local events like Memorial Day flag installations and crafting essentials for animal shelters and house fire survivors.

To the new mentees, I am truly excited to have the privilege of meeting and getting to know each of you. I look forward to sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and offering support as we navigate through challenges and celebrate successes together. I can’t wait to meet you all 🙂

Hi everyone! My name is Precious Nwanna (she/her), and I’m thrilled to welcome you to the Shriver LLC. I’m currently a sophomore Political Science major with dual minors in Law and Justice and Information Systems on the Pre-Law Track. Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to serve as a speech and debate coach at Sister’s Academy of Baltimore through the Shriver Center. This experience allowed me to contribute to the advancement of an engaging and holistic tuition-free, private middle school education for girls who might not have had the chance otherwise. I’m eager to continue my involvement at Sister’s Academy next year and welcome anyone interested in joining me!


On campus, I wear multiple hats— serving as President of the Pre-Law Society, competing on the UMBC Mock Trial Team, and coordinating events for Kingdom Christian Fellowship. Off-campus, I’m actively engaged in the Mayor’s Reentry Action Counsel, collaborating with fellow community stakeholders to advise the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement on issues impacting returning citizens. This summer, I’ll be transitioning to a research-focused role within the Counsel, aiming to enhance evidence-based practices to reduce recidivism in Baltimore.


Additionally, I volunteer as a Behind the Walls advocate with the Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform, focusing on issues such as education within correctional facilities and preparation for re-entry. I’m deeply passionate about advocating for legislative policy changes to address injustices within correctional practices and plan to pursue law in the future. In my free time, you can find me hitting the gym with friends, getting lost in a good book, watching a K-drama or exploring local thrift shops- I’m always up to try new things so if you have a cool hobby or pass time share it!

I’m genuinely excited to connect with each of you and to work together to better our community. If you have any questions or just want to chat, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to meeting you all soon!!!

Hi everyone! My name is Raven Effah-Appiah, and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I look forward to the upcoming school year and can’t wait to meet everyone!

Through the Shriver Center, I volunteer at STEMcx which is a Faith-Based organization that motivates minority students who are underrepresented in STEM fields by providing academic guidance, practical learning experiences, and connections with professionals of color in these fields. I believe that tutoring the next generation is the head start to supporting our communities by learning about them and yourself. I believe that engaging in tutoring sessions with the youth of tomorrow is a big step in supporting our communities. Through this journey, one not only gains insight into the community but also undergoes personal growth and self-discovery.

During my free time, I like to draw, read, crochet, or just binge-watch as many series as possible. Besides being a Computer Science major, I enjoy exploring creativity and expressing myself artistically.

While on the floor, I had a chance to meet so many different people and make unforgettable memories. The Shriver LLC was a great first-year experience for me when I came to UMBC and I can’t wait to be a
part of it next year.  If you have any concerns, rest assured—you’ll feel perfectly at home.

Hey, my name is Diya Mistry and I was born and raised in Prince George’s County! I am a rising sophomore on the Pre-Nursing track and hope to pursue a career as a pediatrics nurse.


During my freshman year, I spent my time serving at Relay Elementary School as an elementor and at the University of Maryland Medical Center at the PPCU through the Shriver Center. I am passionate about helping others and love meeting new people.

Being a first-generation student, finding my way around campus and feeling lost in my track is not uncommon but having a support system on the Shriver floor has helped me to reach out and surely enough, learn how to lean on one another. I am so excited to return to the floor as a peer mentor and be that shoulder to lean on 🙂

I love to hike, dance, watch movies, and spend time with my friends and family. I look forward to getting to know all of the new people on the floor and making new friends.