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The Path Before Me

"College Coaching" by UMBC Students

UMBC's college access/readiness program, Path Before Me, is actively recruiting Spring volunteers. The hope is to have students placed in site schools by the end of February. Volunteers will work in city schools, providing "college coaching" to high school juniors. 

Last semester, there were 13 student volunteers who held over 100 individual coaching sessions with these high school students. The youth feedback about the experience was great.

If you, or anyone you know is interested--or if you have questions-- contact Frank Anderson at afrank3@umbc.edu

To begin tutoring, you will need to register through the Shriver Center.

What you do:
"Coach" high school juniors around the SAT, the college application process and experience. You will meet either in small groups, or one on one with your mentee, at their schools. Snacks are provided, as well as mentoring materials, and an on site coordinator. You can volunteer at one or two sites, if interested. 

City--will focus very closely on SAT Prep. The school has material for us to use, which includes practice problems and building study skills. 

Ben Franklin and Poly--will focus more holistically on the college process, including essay writing, the application, the college experience, and the SAT. 

Tuesdays 2:30p-5p (City College)
Wednesdays 2:30p-5p (Ben Franklin)
Thursdays 10a-1p (Poly)

Frank will work to designate one student from each school site to be responsible for driving and taking a greater leadership role within the group, making them eligible for a $500 stipend. This student can drive their own car, or the Shriver Van. Leaders are still needed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The goal is to begin at the end of February. 

Posted: February 13, 2018, 6:34 PM