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Come Visit Us on Campus

Guidance for Visiting the Shriver Center in Fall 2021

We welcome visitors to the Shriver Center at UMBC!

If you do visit in-person, we ask that you comply with the following guidance and safety protocols:

 If your visit falls within 10 days of any positive COVID-19 test and if you have any symptoms, please do not enter the Center and please reschedule your existing meeting. You can use the QR code* included below to access our Virtual Lobby to schedule and reschedule your meeting.

For your visit:
  • Please check in at our reception desk with our Office Supervisor. She will confirm your appointment time and location. If no one is available at the front desk, or if there are already 6 people in the lobby, please access our Virtual Lobby using the QR code located in several places around the reception area. You can use this code to virtually check in and someone will help you as soon as possible.
  • Once you are checked in, the person who you are meeting with will come to get you for your meeting
  • If there are already 6 people in the reception area, we ask that you remain outside the Center and wait until someone leaves. If the waiting time seems too long, you can access the Virtual Lobby using the QR code located on the front window of the Center. Once your meeting is confirmed, please wait for your Shriver Center meeting host to come get you.
  • Please wear a face covering/mask at all times while you’re visiting the Shriver Center (unless your meeting is held outside with proper social distancing).
We greatly appreciate your compliance and commitment to ensuring everyone’s health and safety, and look forward to seeing you!