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Current Fellows

Ramona Dowdell

is a North Carolina native, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, she served as a Youth Development Volunteer working on grassroots community organizing and developing a suite of life-skills trainings for youth. As Peaceworker Fellow, Ramona will pursue a Masters of Social Work at the University of Maryland Baltimore, and will serve at Lakeland Elementary Middle School in the new STEAM Center.

Eleanor Brasfield

is recently back from her service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia where she worked on food security and agricultural projects. A native of Manchester, Maryland, Eleanor is a graduate of Catholic University. As a Peaceworker fellow, she will pursue a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Communication at UMBC and will serve at the Walden Circle Community Center running after-school programming for kids.

Ciara Christian

is from Springfield, Ohio. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Rwanda where she taught English and created systems to support Peace Corps Volunteers of Color. Ciara graduated from Howard University. As a Peaceworker fellow, she will pursue a Masters of Arts in Applied Sociology at UMBC. She will serve here on campus in 2 roles: to lead the Grand Challenges Scholars program in the Engineering Department and conduct research on applied experiences in higher education and their effects on building affective skills for students.

Adrianna Neuenschwander

is originally from Reading, Michigan. She graduated from Central Michigan University, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand. Her work there focused on teaching English classes to students and training local teachers on student-centered teaching practices. Adrianna will purse a Masters of Arts in TESOL. As a Peaceworker Fellow, she will serve as the English Language reading and writing tutor in the English Language Institute here at UMBC.

Christopher Upchurch

is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He served in the Peace Corps in Panama as a Tourism and English Advising Volunteer. In Panama, he taught English to children and adults, and worked to strengthen local cooperatives. Chris will pursue a Masters of Arts in TESOL at UMBC. As a Peaceworker Fellow, he will serve as the Commodore to College Coordinator at the Commodore John Rogers School in Baltimore City.

Jonathan Yoe

is a native Baltimorean raised in nearby Irvington! He is a graduate of UMBC, and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ecuador. As a volunteer, Jonathan led trainings for children and adolescents to improve relationships and built capacity for arts festivals and health trainings. As a Peaceworker Fellow, Jonathan will pursue a Masters in Economic Policy Analysis here at UMBC. He will serve in Delegate Brooke Lierman’s Office organizing Latino communities in Baltimore.

Alumni Fellows