Capstone Projects

Each year, the Nonprofit Leadership Program seeks proposals from area nonprofit agencies for group project assignments for its capstone experience.  This project allows students in the program to apply the knowledge learned in the seminars and the experience interning at a nonprofit to develop a tangible solution for the nonprofit.  The presentation of the capstone projects to various stakeholders is the culminating experience for participants. 

In groups of four to five, each student works about 4 hours per week for 10 weeks to complete a project proposed by a nonprofit organization.  Students will work primarily during the months of June and July to complete a deliverable of tangible value to area agencies. Student work will be supported by the seminar instructor as well as a representative from the participating nonprofit organizations.

Expectations of the student groups:
  • Contact their agencies, set up a time to meet at the agency to discuss the project and complete a site visit
  • Draft a memorandum of understanding (MOU), which the organization representative will review and approve
  • Work on their projects for approximately 4 hours per week/per person for ten weeks
  • Present agreed upon deliverables to organization and stakeholders at the closing celebration
Expectations of the organization:
  • Submit a brief proposal 
  • If selected, the organization representative must be able to make the time commitment to do the following
    1. Attend the program opening
    2. Meet with the students at the agency location
    3. Be available by phone or email to answer student questions as the project progresses (some Friday in-person meetings may be needed)
    4. Review and agree to the memorandum of understanding drafted by the students
    5. Provide the students with any agency information necessary to complete the project
    6. Attend the students’ presentation at the closing celebration

Summer 2015 is the first year we are using this project model and thus do not have any past examples.  We will post 2015’s projects when completed.  Ideal proposals will allow for students to conceptualize solutions and not just regurgitate ideas that the nonprofit organization would like to explore. Please direct any questions to Hannah Schmitz, at or (410) 455-1523.

Start thinking of your proposals for the 2016 Nonprofit Leadership Program Capstone Project!