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Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab Seeks Interns

CMSC/Computer Engineering Interns Needed this Summer

or e-mail your resume, unofficial transcript, and application (see attachment below) to employment@jhuapl.edu
3.00 GPA, US Citizen work authorization required

Assist in developing a prototype immersive, distributed, web-application with the long-term goal of virtual environment where users participate in analytic exercises from various locations accessing information repositories, forums and/or virtual meeting spaces. The intern will apply various technical capabilities such as archival data structures, visualization tools and distributed access. In an essence a 'world' will be created where users interact with structures, see products 
and participate in interactive exploration. 

Academic discipline Desired:

CMSC/Computer Engineering

Required Skills:
Programming in Java, C++, C#/OO Programming languages: JavaScript, AJAX.
Ability to support web application development using technologies such
as Apache, Tomcat, Glassfish or other web application servers or servlet.

Desired Skills:
Familiarity with common operating systems – primarily Windows, some
Linux perhaps – and with Virtual World technologies - OPenSimulator,
Second Life or OPenWonderland. Scripting using Linden Scripting Language.


• Database programming; Familiarity with databases: SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle: ability to write SQL

• Ability to generate 3D models and textures using Illustrator, Blender, Lightwave or Maya

• Familiarity with terrain modeling – heightmaps, terrain data formats such as DEM

Posted: April 5, 2012, 10:57 PM