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The Choice Program at UMBC is HIRING!!!

Includes a 6-month, $25/hour job placement with youth

There are several types of positions available with The Choice Program at UMBC, to include:
  • a 6-month, $25/hour position doing job placements with youth (Choice Jobs Program Contingent I, description attached)
  • year-long AmeriCorps positions throughout Maryland, across three different programs (Intensive Advocacy, Jobs Readiness, and Education)
  • Tech Program Coordinator (Choice Jobs, starting salary $50,000)

A segment of The Choice Program's Anti-Racism Statement:

In this moment, we are being called forth and into action. Amidst a pandemic of racial and police violence, we feel the weight of hundreds of years of white supremacy and, especially, of war on the Black body. Our action and response is this: anti-racism.

Anti-racism is resistance and action. Anti-racism is love. Love for ourselves, for each other, for our children and young people. Anti-racism is recognizing that the violence waged on Black bodies may be in the spotlight today but is not new. Anti-racism is knowing that the reason our hearts are on fire is that our nation fails to honor the lives of people of color as precious.

This is the work we do every day, and now with an even greater urgency. Anti-racism is continuing to create opportunities for young people to engage during this time. We will continue to show up: in connecting through moments of joy, moments of tears, rage and mourning. We will create spaces for art, expression and learning.

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Posted: November 17, 2021, 10:00 AM