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Deadline - Monday, February 15th!

February 9, 2021 3:40 PM

The deadline for application submission is Monday, February 15, 2020  Only COMPLETE applications and essay responses 400 words or more in required format will be accepted.

The Samson, Rosetta A., and Saddie Feldman Award   $700

This scholarship is awarded to students who have completed their junior year of studies and have demonstrated, through community service and academic activities, an understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship.

The Samson, Rossetta A. and Sadie B. Feldman Family Award for Citizenship was established in January 1996 by Sadie B. Feldman in memory of her family.

1. Please describe your understanding of the responsibilities of citizenship as demonstrated through community service and academic activity.

2. Discuss why your service organization is important to the population it serves. Thinking back on your service-learning and community engagement experience, did the organization address a symptom or a root cause of an issue impacting the population served? Explain.  

3. How has your service-learning experience(s) impacted your continued involvement at UMBC and engagement in the broader community?  

Samuel I. Rosenberg Fund Award   $900
This annual award will recognize a student at UMBC who has completed an outstanding apprenticeship within the citizenship and public policy initiative.

Established in April 1995 by Samuel I. Rosenberg, this award is given to a UMBC student (any year) who has completed a public service-focused internship, with either a nonprofit or government organization, directly addressing a social challenge.

1. Reflecting on your public service-focused experience(s), did you take risks or play it safe? Were you challenged? Explain.

2. Discuss an issue your placement organization addressed. What do you think is a possible solution for the issue?

3. How has your public service-focused experience impacted your involvement at UMBC and engagement in the broader community?

For more information and to apply go through

Again, only COMPLETE applications will be accepted until February 15th!
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