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This Saturday, 12/5: Mindfulness Sessions Series

Supporting UMBC Students Through Care & Connection

December 1, 2020 12:28 PM
Just a reminder that this Saturday, December 5th, Phillip McKnight, Shriver Peaceworker Fellow and UMBC alum, will host another session (of 5) to support the practices of mindfulness with UMBC student participants to build resiliency, reduce stress, and lead a happier life.  There are still spaces available. 

Testimonials from the first two sessions include:

  • "This session helped calm my mind by allowing me to focus on the movements and sounds of my body and around me."
  • Another said that the practices made her feel more focused and able to concentrate on studies.
  • "Today's session (12/5) was quite therapeutic...the leader of the session shared wise words that I think I'll reminisce often to anchor myself back into reality."

Sign up for one session or all remaining here:

Sessions are free for UMBC students and will take place Saturday afternoons, 3:30-4:15pm through December 19th.  Session details will go out the day before and day of the session.  

This series is sponsored by The Shriver Center and the UMBC France-Merrick Scholarship Program.

Please review the attached flyer for more details.
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