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NEW EVENT!!!! Applied Learning Showcase

Meet with UMBC Departments who support "Learn by Doing"

August 28, 2019 8:46 AM
Service-Learning, Internships, Research, Study Abroad, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Alternative Spring Break and the list continues ...

Interact with faculty, staff, community partners and other students to engage in conversations about ways that you can "learn by doing."

The following offices will each have tables ready to connect with you.

The Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship offers a wide variety of applied learning opportunities for students interested in starting their own business.  From hands on learning in classes, to competitions, to internships in early stage startups, to seed funding for business launches and more.....stop by and learn more about what's available!

Gaining real-world experience through internship, research, or a co-op experience is one of the best ways to make yourself a competitive candidate for full-time jobs and graduate school after you graduate.  Stop by to meet one of our Internship & Employment leads at the Career Center to learn more.

The Center for Democracy and Civic Life organizes programs and activities that support students in becoming more effective leaders and contributors to their communities. Ask us about Alternative Spring Break, the STRiVE leadership for social impact retreat, the Civic Courage Journaling Project, and opportunities to make a difference on campus and beyond.

International Education Services
Get your hands on real-world experience through study, research, internships and service-learning abroad! Come learn about all of your options with Education Abroad.

Celebrating 25 years, The Shriver Center addresses critical social challenges by bridging campus and community through engaged scholarship and applied learning.  Service-Learning and community engagement is a high-impact practice that emphasizes how we reach together. Grit and determination fuels students to pursue passion with purpose and connect curiosity with compassion to claim their future. 

Undergraduate Research and Prestigious Scholarships, Office of Undergraduate Education
Getting involved in research as an undergraduate helps students network with faculty both on and off campus, strengthen their resumes for graduate school, professional school, and employment, support their artistic vision, and helps them apply what they have learned in the classroom in a research setting. UMBC has several programs that support undergraduate research:
- Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD)     
- Undergraduate Research Awards (URA)      
- UMBC Review (Journal of Undergraduate Research)
- Travel Awards     
- Research Opportunities     
- Prestigious Scholarships

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