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Best Buddies Student Coordinator

Lead while forming friendships and creating inclusion!

July 16, 2019 11:59 AM

The Shriver Center Staff is looking for a UMBC student interested in leading service-learners in a Best Buddies Friendship Program.


We currently have an opportunity to be a Student Coordinator in Fall 2019, working with young adults from Itineris, an organization that serves adults with autism.


Best Buddies Student Coordinator at this site is asked to fulfill:

-Weekly commitment 3:00-5:30pm (one day a week picked by student coordinator)

-Meet with Itineris staff prior to semester and during semester to develop engaging activities for Best Buddies group both on-site and in the community

- Recruit and train service-learning students

-Facilitate one-to-one friendships between UMBC student buddies and Itineris buddies.

- Drive S-L student to on a weekly basis

- Act as liaison between Shriver Center staff, Itineris staff, and service-learning students

- Lead 2 reflections sessions

- Attend Student Coordinator meetings


Qualifications: Valid Driver’s License, Enrolled at UMBC

Preferred Qualification: Experience and interest working with individuals with differing abilities, excellent communication and organizational skills, experience in Practicum 096.  


To apply please email your resume to

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