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Stephanie Milani named 2018 Newman Civic Fellow!

Ripple effects of partnerships & mentoring

April 20, 2018 1:27 PM
The Newman Civic Fellowship has enhanced our UMBC Fellows' contributions to the broader community.  The experience has a number of connection points for meaningful engagement.  The fall retreat allows them the space and resources to further develop their ideas and connect with others nationwide who have similar passions. Once returning back to campus, the Fellows receive support from their UMBC Mentor to navigate systems to ensure more equitable communities. These breakthrough experiences involving vision, understanding, and persistence reinforce the Grit & Greatness found at UMBC.

Congratulations to Newman Civic Fellows Kelly Cyr (2011), Max Poole (2016), Sophia Lopresti (2017) and Steph Milani (2018)!  
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