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096 Community Service & Learning Practicum

The 096 Community Service & Learning Practicum allows for students to engage in weekly service and reflection through the enrollment in a zero-credit, pass/fail course. In FY18, The Shriver Center coordinated over 900 placements with close to 60 different community partners.

FY18 UMBCworks Self (Student) and Site (Placement) Evaluations completed by participants show that their applied learning experience had the following impacts:

    • 66% Persist to graduation
    • 68% Clarity of career goals (increased by 2% from FY16)
    • 69% Oral presentation skills
    • 70% View career expectations realistically
    • 75% Apply education to placement
    • 79% Self-confidence (of the 79%, 25% reported a significant increase, a 5% increase from FY16)
    • 80% Services of Shriver Center/Prac Coordinator(s) met my expectations
    • 86% Ability to make decisions (increased by 3% from FY15)
    • 87% Leadership skills
    • 88% Awareness of civic responsibilities
    • 88% Placement met expectations (increased 6% from FY16)
    • 93% Recommend applied experience to others (of the 93%, 63% strongly agree, a 3% increase from FY16)

Staff work closely with students to choose their service sites based upon their passions, goals, interests and availability. Currently, the Shriver Center has community partnerships with organizations that focus on various issue areas that serve diverse populations. These include, but are not limited to, animal welfare, education, the environment, food and housing access, healthcare and mental health. Please note that we will continue to update our service chart as new information becomes available (Sites fill, updates on orientation, etc.)

Additionally, there are many opportunities to gain leadership skills while serving.  Service-Learning Student Coordinators lead volunteers in weekly service, facilitate reflection sessions, and foster a positive service-learning experience. Student Coordinators receive on-going support from Shriver Center staff and their peers and benefit from bi-weekly training meetings.  

To enroll in the 096 Practicum, students are expected to:

  1. Become familiar with the Service-Learning Opportunities through our Service Chart at

  2. Contact The Shriver Center to make an appointment with a Service-Learning Team member. Call the front desk at 410-455-2493 or visit The Shriver Center on the first floor of the Public Policy Building.

  3. Meet with a Service-Learning Team member to review the 096 Community Service & Learning Syllabus.

  4. Decide on your service site. Many require you to take additional steps before you are able to serve, such as completing a volunteer application, background check, health clearance, and/or interview.
  5. The Service-Learning Team will connect you with the site to complete their respective selection and/or orientation process.  Your site supervisor may be a staff member or volunteer coordinator at the community organization, either a non-profit or K-12 School; some service placements are led by UMBC Service-Learning Student Coordinators.
  6. Once you are selected and/or complete the necessary steps to begin at the site, prior to getting started, complete the Orientation Quiz on Blackboard!  
  7. Begin service!


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