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Vision & Mission


The Shriver Center ‘s vision statement was drafted by the Center’s Founding National Advisory Board Chairman, the late Ernest Boyer, and approved by the President and Faculty Board in 1993.

  • The Shriver Center seeks to focus, in an integrated way, the resources of the colleges and universities of Greater Baltimore on pressing urban issues of the region.
  • The Center will engage faculty, students, and the community in the strengthening of existing service and learning programs and in developing new initiatives to improve the quality of urban life.
  • The Shriver Center, while focusing its efforts on Greater Baltimore, will also work to renew the academy itself, helping students deepen their sense of civic responsibility and discover the relationship of formal learning to contemporary issues.
  • The Center, through its programs, will seek to broaden the meaning of scholarship to include research, teaching, as well as the application of knowledge.
  • The Shriver Center will seek to lead the nation in ensuring that higher education more effectively relates the work of the faculty and students to urgent social issues, advancing the common good through applied projects and public advocacy.


The Shriver Center at UMBC promotes the integration of civic engagement, teaching, learning, and discovery on campus, regionally, and nationally so that each advances the others for the benefit of society.

The Shriver Center strives to:

  • Engage students and faculty in applied learning linked to academic study;
  • Develop socially engaged citizens with the commitment and experience to serve responsibly in their communities, the state, and the nation;
  • Harness the resources of the University to strengthen our communities, and to build their capacity to meet the needs of civil society through the development and leadership of community-based service delivery programs