Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program

Deadline for Applications have been extended to Feb 15th, 2014.
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“Peace Corps Volunteers, stay as you are—be servants of peace; work at home as you have worked abroad—humbly, persistently, intelligently. Serve your neighborhoods. Serve your cities. Serve the poor. Join others who serve. Serve…Serve…Serve…that’s the end. That is the challenge. For in the end it will be the servants who save us all.” -Sargent Shriver

“The benefits of the Peace Corps will not be limited to the countries in which it serves. Our own young men and women will be enriched by the experience of living and working in foreign lands. They will have acquired new skills and experience which will aid them in their future careers and add to our own country’s supply of trained personnel and teachers. They will return better able to assume the responsibilities of American citizenship and with greater understanding of our global responsibilities.”

-John F. Kennedy, Message to Congress March 1, 1961


Shriver Peaceworkers: Building Peace and Community through Service and Learning in the Spirit of Sargent Shriver and his Peace Corps legacy.


The Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program supports:

…Returned Peace Corps Volunteers through a selective service-learning scholarship program integrating: graduate study, community service, and ethical reflection, preparing them for leadership positions in diverse fields of public and private service.

…The Baltimore Region through partnerships with community agencies involving direct and significant service of Peaceworker Fellows focused on creative solutions across a range of social concerns.

…Baltimore’s Higher Education community by attracting, engaging, and retaining academically exceptional, professionally skilled, and interculturally experienced graduate students.

…Programs and institutions engaged in the national movement around service, service-learning, and civic engagement by sharing its unique model, advocating, organizing, networking, leading, researching, presenting