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Steps to Apply

Choose a Graduate Program and Apply

Separate admissions applications are required for each graduate degree program.  Acceptance into the Peaceworker Program is contingent upon admission to your selected graduate program at either UMBC or one of our Consortium partners. Consortium partner programs include: the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work; Johns Hopkins Institute of Policy Studies; University of Maryland College Park Masters in International Education Policy; and University of Maryland College Park Masters in Community Planning. The availability of fellowships involving degrees at consortium schools changes from year to year. Please call us to confirm that your consortium program choice is available for the current year before applying. Specific questions about degree program requirements should be directed to the appropriate department.

The award of a Peaceworker fellowship is contingent upon acceptance into your graduate program. For this reason we strongly encourage you to apply to your graduate program at the same time as you’re applying for Peaceworker, even if that program has a later Spring application deadline.

Take the GRE Should Your Graduate Program Require It

The GRE is not required for admissions to the Peaceworker Program, but may be required for admissions the degree programs.  The GRE submission code for UMBC is 5835.

Complete the Peaceworker Application. The 2019 application will be available in early Fall. 

Submit the following required application items to Peaceworker*:

  • A Peace Corps Description of Service (DOS), or a draft DOS if you are still in service
  • Academic transcripts (a .pdf of your unofficial transcript is fine)
  • A personal statement

*These should be separately emailed to All materials submitted via email should be attached in a standard format, i.e. Microsoft Word or PDF. The body of the email should contain the applicant’s name and a reference to materials attached to the message. Please do not paste materials directly into the body of the email. Your personal statement should be no more than three pages long and should tell us what you are all about, what draws you to Peaceworker, how these two years will fit into your larger goals, and what about you would bring to the program.


Fill Out and Submit a FAFSA to UMBC

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA is a key component of your application to the Peaceworker Fellowship. It must be completed by early March, but and can be submitted as early as you like. Submit to UMBC using the school code 002105.  Also note that while Federal Work Study funds contribute to the funding of our program, you do not have to be work study eligible to receive the fellowship. If you are applying to a graduate program at a school other than UMBC, you should send your FAFSA to that institution.

Application Timeline

The submission deadline is January 15th. Materials should be postmarked by January 15th for full consideration. In the case of materials being sent from overseas, please communicate any anticipated delays to Peaceworker staff via email if possible.

Post Application Interviews

You will be contacted for a phone interview if your application is still in consideration after the first round of reviews. These interviews are an opportunity to discuss your interests and fit with the program in more detail and to offer more information on possible service opportunities.

Please note that these requests for interviews may be made via email. In the past, hotmail email accounts have rejected emails from UMBC addresses, which has disrupted communication about the application process. Please use a non-hotmail email address if at all possible to avoid these problems.