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“The MDOT Fellows Internship Program has provided me with the opportunity to work with a great group of professionals on substantive projects while developing my technical knowledge to succeed in my career field.  I would highly recommend other students to take advantage of this program.”

An Tran: Towson University

Placement: Maryland Transportation Authority

“The MDOT Fellows Internship Program was a fantastic experience that gave me the opportunity to expand on my skills in a professional setting and provide me with a number of professional references for my future endeavors.”

Lauren N. Beward, Hood College

Placement: Maryland State Highway Administration

“The MDOT Fellows Internship program provides an opportunity to learn about government in a way that cannot be given in a classroom.”

Mike Settele:  Johns Hopkins University

Placement:  Maryland State Highway Administration

“MDOT’s internship program not only provided me with a fantastic experience, but it has also shown me the door to a wide range of job opportunities.”

Hasan Islam:  Morgan State University

Placement:  Maryland Port Administration

“The MDOT Fellows Internship Program was unlike any of my previous jobs or internships.  I had the opportunity to not only learn from experienced mentors but work alongside them as well.”

Alan Kines:  Washington College

Placement:  Maryland Aviation Administration

“The MDOT Fellows Internship was an excellent learning experience that gives students a broad insight into the MDOT while allowing them to focus their attention in a specific area.  I really felt like the staff I worked with valued my input and wanted me to contribute to meaningful projects.”

Eric Churches:  University of Maryland College Park

Placement:  Maryland Aviation Administration

“The opportunity to work for the MDOT under mentors who truly care about your success was an amazing aspect of the program.”

Nicholas Boss, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Placement:  Maryland State Highway Administration

“This program throws the traditional idea of interning on its head.  I was actually told “You’re not just an intern.”  I was able to do meaningful and productive work and not just file papers and run errands.”

Greg Primrose, Towson University

Placement:  Maryland Transit Administration

“My mentor always included me in all the meetings and training classes.  He made me feel at home.  In addition, the best aspect of the program was being oriented to transportation.  This program opened another career option that I would have never considered before.”

Ashley Robertson, Bowie State University

Placement:  Maryland Transportation Authority

“The best aspect of the program was its organization and commitment to the enrichment of the interns.  From the seminars/tours to the group policy paper project, it was clear that there was an overreaching goal to enhance our general knowledge of transportation issues and MDOT.  I found this reassuring, motivating, and refreshing.”

Amanda Rosenbush, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Placement:  Maryland State Highway Administration

“During these past eight weeks, I was given a better insight to what I might be doing in the future. I also learned a lot about MDOT and its function in the State.”

Joe Schindler, Frostburg State University

Placement: Maryland State Highway Administration

“One graduate program offered me a full-tuition scholarship with a research assistantship. The chairman of the admissions committee said the deciding factor for them was the fact that I worked as a fellows-intern at MDOT. The university was looking for young people who were interested in transportation issues, particularly elderly driving. It’s ironic that my policy paper dealt with issues related to elderly driving.”

Mark Stevens, Washington College

Placement: The Secretary’s Office