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General FAQs

Can I get a degree in ____________?

Generally, the answer is yes. If the program is offered at UMBC and you can make a case for it helping you work on a social change or community service issue, then we will work with any degree program.

Can I attend a consortium school like Loyola University, Johns Hopkins or College Park?

The Peaceworker program is committed to working with area colleges and universities to bring fellows to their programs. Due to funding and logistical issues, these partnerships are often more difficult to arrange, making these options possible, but more competitive for applicants.

Can I apply for the Shriver Peaceworker Fellows Program in conjunction with a nursing degree?

No. Unfortunately, the fellowship does not support pre-medical programs. We do support health policy fellows at UMBC. If you are interested in nursing, please check out the nursing fellows program for RPCVs at Johns Hopkins.

Are UMBC and University of Maryland at College Park the same school?

No. UMBC stands for the University of Maryland Baltimore County, which is a different school than the University of Maryland College Park (though they are part of the same state university system). The Shriver Peaceworker Fellowship may be completed in conjunction with any Masters degree program at UMBC.

There are currently only two programs at the University or Maryland College Park that could be eligible for fellowship funding- the Masters in Community Planning and the Masters in International Education. We do not work with any other degree programs at College Park. The University of Maryland Baltimore is a third school we work in conjunction with, though only their Masters in Social Work program. If you apply for the Peaceworker Fellowship, please double check that you have applied to the correct school and program. In most cases this will be any degree program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). The exceptions would be a Masters in International Education (College Park), a Masters in Community Planning (College Park), a Masters in Social Work (University of Maryland Baltimore) or a Masters in Public Policy (Johns Hopkins). Note that UMBC also offers a Masters in Public Policy, and Public Policy applicants may apply to either or both programs.

I have a question about my academic degree program. Can you help?

Please direct all questions regarding individual academic programs to those programs. We may be able to answer some general questions about various academic programs, but the best source of information is someone from the program.

Can I begin the program in January or another time?

No. The program only has one available start date which is always in July.

Can I do a three year program like a Masters in Fine Arts of a Ph.D. program?

Yes. The Shriver Peaceworker Fellowship funds fellows for two years of their graduate study. The program primarily is designed to support masters students start to finish. Students enrolling in programs lasting more than two years would be responsible for funding their education beyond that point. Many programs have fuller funding for Ph.D. students, and you may be able to work this out with your academic program before beginning.

Can I visit the Peaceworker Program?

Yes! Please visit if you are in the area. Program staff are happy to meet with you in person, though more formal visits to the Peaceworker seminar are not available.

Can you put me in touch with an alum who has completed my academic degree program?

Yes. We would be happy to. Please send an email request to

Can I arrange my own placement with a non-profit agency in Baltimore?

No. All service placements are arranged through the Shriver Peaceworker Program.

I am currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer and my Description of Service (DOS) is not completed yet. Do I have to submit it?

Yes. However, we are happy to accept a draft version of your DOS. Please ask your country director for details if needed.